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01-20-2017 General
Quake-triggered avalanche buries Italian hotel, rescuers fear ‘many dead’

ROME — Italian rescuers dug frantically Thursday through a wall of snow and splintered trees that buried a resort hotel after an avalanche was shaken loose by a string of earthquakes, trapping at least 30 people, including children. Some bodies were found, and officials feared many more were dead.

Deep snow in the central Abruzzo region — which also was battered by major quakes last summer — slowed efforts to reach the Hotel Rigopiano, located off a hairpin-path alpine road at about 4,000 fee


TOP  Source: Washington Post

01-20-2017 Politics
In Manning clemency call, Obama sought to reduce sentence viewed as ‘nuts’

From the moment a military judge handed down a 35-year prison term for Chelsea Manning in 2013, President Obama and some administration officials saw the sentence as excessive. “Nuts,” said one person close to Obama.

They said Manning, an Army private charged with disclosing troves of secret files to WikiLeaks, should be punished for her crime. But while Obama, a former l


TOP  Source: Washington Post

01-20-2017 Science&Technology
Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens Trump, May Expose 'Personal Ties' With Mobsters

Famous Hacker group Anonymous, has targeted U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, threatening to expose his "personal and financial ties with Russian mobsters."

In a succession of tweets, posted from one of the group's main Twitter accounts on Jan. 16, 2017, Anonymous claimed it has secret information on Trump's dubious ties with Russian mafia, child traffickers and money launderers.

.@realDonaldTrump you have financial and personal ties with Russian mobsters, child traffickers, and money laund


TOP  Source: Tech Times

01-20-2017 Entertainment
Netflix fueled by original programming, even as its costs hold earnings back, analysts say

Shares of Netflix Inc. soared 6% Thursday morning, a day after the company beat fourth-quarter earnings expectations and showed strong subscriber growth.

With the stock gains pushing Netflix NFLX, +5.37% to a record level Thursday morning, analysts were enamored of the company’s rapid subscriber additions in the U.S. and even more so internationally. Still, Netflix’s promise to continue original programming, which means continued spending, weighed on some analysts who believe the company may s


TOP  Source: Market Watch

01-20-2017 Environment
3 Reasons Scientists Are Confident 2016 Was The Warmest Year On Record

Unfortunately I have to start this discussion noting that 2016 was the warmest year on record. It took the title from the 2015, which took over for 2014. Ethan Siegel provides an excellent commentary on the this dubious and worrisome streak.

A NASA press release pointed out "Earth's 2016 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880, accor


TOP  Source: Forbes

01-20-2017 Science&Technology
How Steve Jobs broke the carriers’ backs with Apple’s first iPhone

Much has been said about the original iPhone’s success factors: an innovative multi-touch interface, a never-seen-before combination of cell phone, iPod, and internet “navigator.” All good, but missing one crucial element: removing the carrier’s control on the iPhone’s features and content.

The iPhone’s 10th birthday was a happy opportunity to look once again at Steve Jobs’ masterclass in storytelling and positioning, and to contemplate, with incredulous gratitude, the enormity of the conseque


TOP  Source: Quartz

01-20-2017 Environment
Primates facing 'extinction crisis'

The world's primates face an "extinction crisis" with 60% of species now threatened with extinction, according to research. A global study, involving more than 30 scientists, assessed the conservation status of more than 500 individual species. This also revealed that 75% of species have populations that are declining. The findings are published in the journal Science Advances. Professor Jo Setchell from Durham University, a member of the team, explained that the main threats were "massive h


TOP  Source: BBC

01-20-2017 Cars
2018 Ford Mustang: V8 Engine, New Styling And More

It's 2017 and Ford is not in the mood to wait until next year to launch its Mustang. In a surprise move, Ford has unveiled its 2018 Mustang, which happens to be a revamped version of the iconic pony car that hit the roads in 2015.

Mustang, as Ford explained, is already the best-selling sports car in the U.S. and around the globe. It now hopes that the 2018 model will attract the young, diverse, international customers who have already expressed a keen interest in the brand.

If reports are to


TOP  Source: Tech Times

01-19-2017 Politics
Chelsea Manning: Obama reduces sentence of Wikileaks source

US President Barack Obama has commuted Chelsea Manning's sentence for leaking documents to Wikileaks in 2010. The 29-year-old transgender US Army private, born Bradley Manning, will be freed on 17 May instead of her scheduled 2045 release.

She was sentenced to 35 years in 2013 for her role in leaking diplomatic cables to the anti-secrecy group. The leak was one of the lar


TOP   Source: BBC

01-19-2017 Science&Technology
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes stand in $2 billion lawsuit claiming Oculus theft

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in a Dallas court Tuesday to defend his company in a $2 billion case that accuses Facebook’s virtual reality company of corporate theft, employee poaching and an attempted coverup.

The case deals with Oculus’ Rift headset, which was first introduced in a 2012 Kickstarter campaign. Facebook bought the company in 2014 for $2 billion; the


TOP   Source: The Mercury News

01-19-2017 Society
Abortion In The US Falls To Historic Low

The rate of abortion in the United States has fallen to its lowest since the Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade in 1973 legalized the procedure, a new report has revealed.

The new survey by the Guttmacher Institute discovered that in 2014, there were 14.6 abortions for every 1,000 women with the childbearing ages of 15 to 44 — the biggest recorded drop since the landmark Supreme Court ruling.

For the first time, too, the annual number of abortions in the country fell to under one million


TOP   Source: Tech Times

01-19-2017 Science&Technology
Now we know what Microsoft’s upcoming ‘Game Mode’ for Windows 10 will do

A few weeks ago, sharp-eyed users spotted something new in a Windows 10 Insider Preview build — reference to a new “Game Mode.” Discussions on what the feature might do, or how it could improve performance, have made the rounds since. But a new investigation suggests the new feature won’t make much difference for the vast majority of Windows 10 gamers.

PCGamesN has details on the latest Insider Preview build (15007) and what it exposes in the OS. While Game Mode can’t be enabled yet, you can r


TOP   Source: Extreme Tech

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01-20-2017 |

Before and After: Removing Donald From the Trump Brand

Approach to Civil Rights Law Likely to Change Definitively

State of the Art: Clearing Out the App Stores: Government Censorship Made Easier

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01-20-2017 |

Italy avalanche: many feared dead as Rigopiano hotel engulfed

Companies must share benefits of globalisation, Theresa May tells Davos

Fury at Russian move to soften domestic violence law

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01-20-2017 |

La pista perdida del 11-M y los tres yihadistas que se tragó la tierra

'Podría disparar a la gente y no perdería votos' y otras nueve frases de Trump

Al menos tres personas mueren en un hotel de Italia tras un alud causado por los terremotos

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01-20-2017 |

Según Diego Milito, un argentino es el único que puede sacar a Messi del Barcelona

Auschwitz pide ayuda para reconstruir la historia de sus verdugos

Conmoción en Australia: Djokovic, afuera en segunda ronda

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01-20-2017 |

Slavina sull’hotel: 26 dispersi, recuperati 4 corpi Foto «Nessun segnale di sopravvissuti»|...

Approvato il nuovo Piano vaccinale: ecco cosa cambia nelle diverse età

Lo skateboard (a motore) sì, l’hoverboard no: cosa andrà di moda nell’hi-tech nel 2017

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01-20-2017 |

Odebrecht: Temer não demitirá ministros citados nas delações

Presídio do Rio Grande do Norte tem nova rebelião. Tiros e gritos são ouvidos

Temer sabia da tensão entre facções desde a Olimpíada

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01-20-2017 |

I want to hold your copyright: Paul McCartney sues for music rights

No joke, Trump's new slogan is the same one from 'The Purge'

How Aussies feel about using credit cards online

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01-20-2017 |

Video reveals most Disney-Pixar films connect

American Airlines to sell ’basic economy' tix

PM's tune falls flat on listening tour

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